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Our Mission

For over 39 years, Care Lodge has provided essential services and emergency shelter to victims of domestic violence in east central Mississippi. 

All services for victims are free of charge and completely confidential. Services are available to victims in shelter as well as in the community. 


We Offer

  • People Helped This Year
    People Helped This Year


  • Volunteer Hours
    Volunteer Hours


  • Families Sheltered This Year
    Families Sheltered This Year


Let's learn to love who we are in this moment… sweats, no makeup, bed head and all… to love the skin we’re already in!

When mindful meditation becomes part of your daily routine, you’ll notice its benefits become a regular part of your life.

"I couldn’t wait until the bullies who lived in my neighborhood moved up to the high school bus... at least I would catch a break on my ride to and from school."

So this worked well the first 3 or 4 times… until he started learning the pattern. Learn how we discovered how to bring a hot moment to a cool calm with our 6-yr-old.

Our Contributors

  • United Way of East Mississippi
    United Way of East Mississippi