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Our Mission

For over 38 years, Care Lodge has provided essential services and emergency shelter to victims of domestic violence in east central Mississippi. 

All services for victims are free of charge and completely confidential. 


We Offer

  • People Helped This Year
    People Helped This Year


  • Volunteer Hours
    Volunteer Hours


  • Families Sheltered This Year
    Families Sheltered This Year


When we can use concepts from the world in which our tweens operate and parallel them with real life scenarios, those lessons often stick in their memory longer.

What thoughts we allow to repeat in our mind will become what we believe.

Survivors of abuse are not exempt from the need for a mentoring relationship. Those involved in victim advocacy, social work or other helping professions often guide survivors through their walk into the freedom to be who they already are.

Trust your gut, because YOU ARE THE EXPERT of your situation.

Our Contributors

  • United Way of East Mississippi
    United Way of East Mississippi