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Our Mission

For over 39 years, Care Lodge has provided essential services and emergency shelter to victims of domestic violence in east central Mississippi. 

All services for victims are free of charge and completely confidential. 


We Offer

Volunteer Connect

Care Lodge is hosting a Volunteer Connect event on March 27, 2020 from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm. 

Come join us to learn more about Care Lodge and volunteer opportunities!

  • People Helped This Year
    People Helped This Year


  • Volunteer Hours
    Volunteer Hours


  • Families Sheltered This Year
    Families Sheltered This Year


As a nation, we have our challenges, but our human nature to care for and nurture the needy has risen up to the occasion.

This is our opportunity to ask those within our 6-foot-circles how we can help smooth the path to help them make the necessary changes to live well during COVID-19

Purposely depriving your partner of sleep may not leave bruises or scars, but it is still abuse.

What I Wish I Knew About Dating, Before I Started Dating

Our Contributors

  • United Way of East Mississippi
    United Way of East Mississippi