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Violence Intervention Program

Violence Intervention Program Overview

The Violence Intervention Program at Care Lodge, is a comprehensive, educational program designed to provide an opportunity for change for men and women who batter. Although there is a fee for the program, abuse prevention is most effective through ending the cycle of violence.

The Duluth Model

The Duluth Model utilizes a 25 week education for the batterer.  The first week is devoted to screening, orientation and goal setting for the batterer.  The remaining 24 weeks are spent in the educational program.

Eight themes which promote nonviolent behavior are covered, with three weeks spent on each theme.  Each three week segment applies a combination of video scenarios, lectures, behavior modification techniques, etc. to promote a change in attitude and behavior in the batterer.

A team that has been trained in the Duluth Model is employed to instruct and facilitate this program.  If the batterer fails to comply with the rules of the educational program, they will be referred back to the court for disposition.  While creating a process of change for those who batter is the desired result, our foremost goal of this program is the safety of the victim if/when the abuser returns to the domestic setting.

This program requires community effort to ensure continued success.  There must be a commitment in our community of ZERO TOLERANCE OF ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR.  PLEASE JOIN US IN THIS EFFORT.

Abuse does not end without help, it continues and worsens until you change the situation.  DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS A CRIME.

Incarceration of the batter alone offers no assistance or education on changing abusive behavior.  Therefore, the incidence of violence and arrest usually continue. 

Our goal is to offer a program of education for those who batter as an alternative to incarceration.  This program provides an opportunity for change.

Feel free to call the office at 601.482.8719 to speak with a representative who can help you set up an appointment to begin classes.

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