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24 Hour Hotline- 601-693- HOPE (4673)

Isolation is one tactic abusers commonly use against their partner. It may not be as directly obvious as many may think. This form of power and control often looks like this:

"Don't leave me. I just want to be at home with you, babe."

"Wouldn't you rather be with ME than your little group?"

"Didn't you go hang out with him already this week?"

"I see that you'd rather be with them than me right now... so just GO! Hope you have a GREAT time."

"They don't understand you like I do. I'm the only person you need to comfort you."

The more they can limit communication between their partner and the outside world, the more power they are able to exert over their partner's actions and life.

Care Lodge's 24/7 hotline is a confidential lifeline for people in need of comfort and direction. Care Lodge staff are trained in crisis intervention, safety planning, counseling, and community support referrals. They also provide active advocacy to victims, their family, friends, and the community. 

How do I heal after abuse?

This exclusive toolkit from our friends at can be used to help someone find the calm and support they need during one of the most complex times after experiencing abuse. Though many links are provided to help you discover your next steps, try not to become overwhelmed by the number of choices on the menu. Start with the first link, see if it helps, and go with it, or skip it. Not everything works for everyone so take your time... this is your story! Launch the Toolkit Here

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