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From Victim To Advocate

The morning was filled to the brim with fear and chaos for this client who had multiple people in her life that meant harm for her and her children. On our ride to the police station to press charges, she spilled her distress to me through desperate tears about the danger that might be waiting for her at any moment. However, she still had a brave strength that propelled her to take action for her family’s safety. When we made our way inside and were waiting to complete the process, we noticed that multiple people made their way to the front desk and were facing similar situations relating to domestic violence. Each person seemed to have the same countenance about them: desperate, frustrated, and afraid. As an advocate, I was eager to tell them about the services Care Lodge could provide to help them with what they were dealing with; however, to respect the confidentiality of the person I was assisting at the time, I was not able to disclose that I was a staff member. Without my prompting, the very same client sitting next to me began being an advocate herself! She walked across the lobby, tore off the last of the pull-off tabs from a Care Lodge crisis poster, then approached one of the others with an encouraging, “Hey, I heard Care Lodge is a good place. They might be able to help you with what you’re going through. They’re good people.” She did this again with a second family. This day I learned that you can be advocate for others even if you are going through the fire yourself. She felt the pain of those people in the police station, because she knew it personally! She had the courage to provide hope, because she too found hope with the help of an advocate!

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