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Sleeping Beauty

This was a very cold, dark and dreary day. As I made my morning rounds, I noticed the door on one of my storage units had closed during the night. Thinking the spring may have broken, I decided to raise the door to assess the damage. Little did I know how those next 30 seconds would rock my world!

As the door rolled up, I soon realized I was not alone. Frozen in my tracks. Couldn’t move and could barely make a sound....and there she was. Sleeping. So very still and quiet I thought she may have frozen to death in the night. When I could finally speak, she raised her head and looked at me. No anger or violence, just exhaustion and fear. I assured her she was not in trouble and I would not call the police. I also told her to sleep there as long as she wanted. I closed the door and completed my rounds.

I brought us both some breakfast and invited her into my office. After some understanding, I began to make some calls. Care Lodge said she could come to the shelter! What a relief, as I had no place to house her and the temperature for the upcoming night was going to be 24-25 degrees. Certain death! So, after speaking with the staff at Care Lodge, I drove her there. All her possessions were in a clothes basket from Dollar Tree. She was greatly relieved to be there and hugged me so tightly I thought my heart would simply burst.

After getting her settled, I immediately drove back to work. Not quite sure how I got back as I was crying so hard I could barely see the road. The sweet presence of The Holy Spirit filled my car and I knew our paths had crossed for a reason. It is hard to explain, but when I looked into her eyes it was as if I was staring into my very soul. It rocked me to my core. In a good way. It shook me out of the slumber I have been in for several years. You know, the slumber of indifference that creeps in when you are trying to survive and fully believe you are having it harder than anyone else.

After processing this revelation, a new thought entered my mind. I reconnected with Care Lodge and learned how I could continue to make a difference in the lives of other women who have traveled similar paths to the ones my friends and I have been down. There are many opportunities for ministry through meeting basic human needs. I believe we can make a significant difference as we unify our resources and talents with the mission and cause that Care Lodge represents.

If you need help escaping from an abusive home environment, consider calling Care Lodge today at 601.693.4673 and speak with an advocate who can help you plan your exit strategy.

Want to dive deeper into this topic? Check out this link on supporting Care Lodge.

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