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You Know the Drill

That undeniable howling alarm jolts us into an automatic response to seek safety. “Away from the windows and doors!” we recall teachers and parents reminding us throughout our youth. “Crouch low and protect the head and neck,” we remember what to do. The plan was drilled into us year after year, storm after storm. Repetition. It’s how we make sure we will recall each important step should a severe weather warning occur.
What do we do if there’s a storm, unlike those caused by weather patterns, but caused by a loved one using power and control? Our mind may not have a “file” ready for that sort of drill because it seems so unnatural. It pains us to have to think of ways we need to seek emotional and physical safety from someone we have loved and trusted. We must respond when that alarm starts to sound. This new alarm comes in the form of tiny signs, “red flags” if you will, warning us that danger is near and it is time to shield ourselves from the approaching storm.
If you or someone you know is struggling with a storm in their relationship with a loved one, click the links to learn more about relationship warning signs and safety planning.

Safety Planning Tips

Relationship Warning Signs

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