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Scott Harrison, founder and CEO of Charity Water, said it best in his description of the things we choose to subscribe to. We subscribe to all sorts of things: magazines, newsletters, monthly snack boxes, movie clubs, you name it. Those things may not be “bad” things but most of the time, their purpose is to fulfill one thing, to bring us entertainment or pleasure. What if we chose to subscribe to something that would not only enlighten us, but it would make a significant difference over the next few generations?
When you and I give to support a charity like Care Lodge, it’s more than giving time, talents and resources. Our support empowers and equips families to break patterns of abuse and behavior that destroys a person’s hope for a great future. When a family begins to believe that they are worthy enough to finish school, hold a career and make a contribution to society, the glass walls violence uses to conceal hope shatter.
Would it not be an amazing feeling to know that you and I play a role in equipping adults and children to learn how to gain a sense of balance and calm after surviving the trauma of abuse? Would you consider for a moment, even the smallest contribution on a regular basis changes the outcome for not only a family today but also for their children and grandchildren? Click on the link to see how your kindness makes a difference.

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