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You Are Not Alone

This isn't just a good song, but also a statement of support and empowerment for those impacted by abuse. 

The first step toward a "new normal" can be terrifying for a survivor of domestic violence. Many times, a variety of mixed emotions will spotlight a path leading back to the one who has caused harm in the relationship, to the one they still love and care for their wellbeing. A victim is not usually seen as being the one with the upper hand, but they should be considered an expert of their situation.

Telling someone when and how to leave can cause feelings of overwhelm and disempowerment. Equipping others with resources and tools to create or increase a safety plan is always top priority for the staff at Care Lodge. Whether or not someone chooses to enter shelter or take the offer of free supportive services does not determine their eligibility to receive full services in that moment. Staff at Care Lodge focus on meeting individuals in the rawness of that moment and work with the person to determine potential next steps to increase safety and wellbeing.  

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