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As a nation, we have our challenges, but our human nature to care for and nurture the needy has risen up to the occasion.

This is our opportunity to ask those within our 6-foot-circles how we can help smooth the path to help them make the necessary changes to live well during COVID-19

Purposely depriving your partner of sleep may not leave bruises or scars, but it is still abuse.

What I Wish I Knew About Dating, Before I Started Dating

8 Movie Quotes For Relationship Checks

"My partner hasn't hit me, but I'm confused about how I'm being treated." - Anonymous, Mailbox Monday

"One of the hardest tasks I have faced is making decisions in cases that involve victimized youth." - Hon. Marshall Murray

When we can use concepts from the world in which our tweens operate and parallel them with real life scenarios, those lessons often stick in their memory longer.

What thoughts we allow to repeat in our mind will become what we believe.

Survivors of abuse are not exempt from the need for a mentoring relationship. Those involved in victim advocacy, social work or other helping professions often guide survivors through their walk into the freedom to be who they already are.

Trust your gut, because YOU ARE THE EXPERT of your situation.

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